Poem #13 – Queen

Queen, Be a queen, And rule your own life. Be loyal, Be royal, Wear your crown with pride, Don't hide, Shake it, Leave all the haters waiting in line, It's your time to shine, Head held high, No fucks given, Wear that crown with pride, Be royal, Be loyal, Rule your own life, Be a... Continue Reading →


Poem #12 – Graded insanity

Aarrghh!! Aaarrgghh!! Aaarrgghhhhh! Ive missed it, No wait that was just a dream, A nightmare, A failed epilogue to a potential future, These student worries, I must not give in, Make that deadline, And I win, Then the final part begins, Hurry little fingers, Tap for your life, For achievement is everything, Failure is death,... Continue Reading →

Poem #10 – People

People are like waves, they come and go, and they never stay, People are like the tides, rising to great heights, receding back into the depths, People are like fishes, swimming endlessly on in shoals, winding fluttering swarms, People are plural, plurals like the seas, connected and always moving, People shape the earth, like water... Continue Reading →

Poem #9 – Washing machine

Swirling, Swishing, Rolling and tumbling, A washing machine mind. Loud, Louder than super spin, Over and over again, Soon to fall out, Or take me to bed. To work, Work shall see me through, Unplug the washing machine, Forget, The whurring wheeling screeching, Round and round, My mind sound, Or so I tell me. Lauren... Continue Reading →

Morning Poems #7 – Red

Red; bright,bloody and loving, Full of rage, full of DNA, full of passion, full of red. Red, the rose that blooms, the rose that wilts, the rose that dies, red petals on the ground, drying black and crisp. Red; the fury in my eyes, the colour on my lips, and between my thighs. Red dripping... Continue Reading →

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