In the begining…

In the begining i was young, hopeful and thought i could write but my confidence was at it’s lowest. I didn’t think my work was good enough or made sense. I was ashamed by it, ashamed to share it with anyone bar a few close friends but even then i was wary that it wouldnt be recieved well. It’s not right or it’s not good enough… i am one of my biggest critics if anything.

However i started about a year ago an educational journey of which prompted me to realise my own genius. My potential to rise above all others.. or rise above most and gain what i’ve never had. Writing Essay after back to page 6 page essays on Sociological theories really gave me a sense of fomal writing; of how to do it for one and for two do it properly. At the start of the year i was writing probably C-D grade essays and by the end of it i was writing A grade essays. My Lecturer couldn’t believe the immense improvement in my essay writing and often sat in awe repeating ” wow” with every stroke of her pen as i sat nervously shaking in my chair ” let it be good.. god let it not be a pile of rubbish or rambling twaddle” and yet it wasnt. With great joy she plopped it on my desk and said ” That’s some bloody good work, ALOT of writing and EASILY an A” i was over joyed as ive never achieved something to that degree. Fast forward a few more months and i had left with a B grade in Sociology, and passes in computing and communications literature. I had also secured a place in City Of Glasgow College on the HNC Professional Writing skills course; that was the biggest success ive known to date. I also learned later than i had beat out 600 other applicants to gain this placement and by fuckkery i’m honored.

As you can see my writing is a mix of informal and formal which i excell at. My confidence on this course has rocketed, taking stock of everything kowing what i have been through in my personal life recently; i have acheieved a shedload of things. I recently printed out my work from the last college year and it fills an entire folder. Two tv pilot scripts, essays and a whole host of poetry/prose.  gawd what has happened to me eh! Fantastic!

so it’s now March and we’re heavy into our graded unit.. which i am studying poetry. a life long love of mine and source of constant catharsis. It has i admit encouraged me to start this blog about my journey through the rest of the college year and what lies around the corner next for me…  on the road to living the dream as i call it. 😀

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and please do pass them onto friend, fellow artists, writers, publishers and everyone really!


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x 😀


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