Morning Poems #3 – Brother


Jolly fat and round,
Proud smug smile,
Genetically similar,
By blood we are bound,

Outspoken and queerly funny,
Flying Angel wings,
Young king,
My sibling in all things,

Childlike and full of pride,
Giggling at me,
Caring always,
In the distance you reside,

Stubborn and scarred,
A broken heart,
Love thee,
I do; i am never far,

Older and looking for home,
Searching searching,
Lost out there on your own,
Younger i am yet wiser mayhaps i be,
You declared i was far more intelligent than thee,
Marvelling at all i have become,
Yet you have come,
Farther and farther than anyone hath foreseen,
Be proud,
Young king,

Isolated and alone,
Remember when you are sad,
You are never alone,
For i am your Sister,
And by blood we are bound,
We may at times be lost,
But we can always be found.

Lauren Cullen

p.s Happy Birthday to my dear sibling. ❤


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