Morning Poem #4 – Saint Mary

Arisen into the dawn,
the dawn that welcomes a new day,
a new day for me,
for me to be shining bright,
bright like the sun,
warm rays of washing heat,
washing heat swelling with happy vibes,
happy vibes given over to by her,
by her who is flawless,
flawless and saintly,
Saint Mary,
Mary spreading love,
love with care and endearing loyalty,
loyalty that betroth her to my kin,
my kin and soul mate,
soul mate; sister and friend,
and friend who i give keys to,
keys to hearts of my blood,
my blood so beautiful,
beautiful with golden curls of silken hair,
silken hair with jade eyes of mine own sight,
sight full of innocence,
innocence that we both covet,
both covet with a mothers love,
a mothers love needs no explaination,
no explanation to justify why,
justify why this saint has the right,
the right as my chosen kin,
kin to bare my child like her own,
her own heart beating with care,
care for me,
for duty,
for life,
for all that she is and gives,
Saint Mary,
Flawless and fair,
Beautiful; A friend without compare.

Lauren Cullen


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