Morning Poems #6 – Nightmare in the West

(i wrote this one after falling asleep foolishly watching a documentary about Donald trump. it’s a mash-up of truth and my nightmare i had….. )

Nightmare in the West

yellow face,
rubbery ruse,
straw hair and uncertain moves,
run you must,
flee the state of the future,
for the future is dark and full of terrors,

This balloon with it’s squeeky voice,
dangerously floating over the airwaves,
through cables and ears,

A nightmare,
living in the west,
Maybe Canada would be best,
for Pres,
instead of the circus,
turning minds to doom,
a revulsion in anything that isn’t pale or them,
lord strikith down the petty,
the evil,
the wretched,

it’s still happening,
making it great again,
by kicking out the darker shades,
please keep the kardashians by the way,
we don’t need them anyways,

i say,
come ye back to the continent,
come ye who are good and fair,
come ye now everyone,
come ye all of who would escape the fear,
the nightmare,
the circus,
the trump,
the end,

Rip America,
Lets make Europe great again.



Lauren Cullen


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