Morning Poems #8 – HungOver

dizzy haze,
the awakening phaze,
urgh my head,
that furry taste,
where the hell am i?,
least the couch was comfy anyways,
oh an a quilt,
i’ll just doze,
still in the days before clothes,

bang! bang! bang!
chink, THAWck..BANG!
that’ll be the door shut,
durty stop out,
a see she had hers,
but nope,
he just popped out,

coffee hen,
oh yes please,
get your hole last night,
i teased,
naw hen no me,
with a glint and a sarcastic smile,

my brains still floating in rose,
pink liquid,
a tasty poison,
i’m glad i tapped out when i did,
didn’t hear their noising,

my mate looks like eve,
freshly thrown out of eden,
her innocence was infact taken,
one eye closed,

i laughed,
drank my coffee,
got my clothes,
and left,
the light outside turned up the dial,
my brain protested,
opened the front door,
plopped on the couch,
there i rested,

Lauren Cullen


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