Blog Entry – Study Day

Hey everyone!

So today is a heavy study day in which i am writing a short history of poetry and from my research ive come to understand the evolution of poetry furthermore i understand my own better and that it itself isn’t all that bad. It may not be great but at least it is for the most part good.  Ive got soo much work to do as well.. deadline is coming up very soon and i am determined to at least get a B for my efforts.

I like free verse poetry a lot and i may look up more Walt Whitman.

My own collection that i am gathering is coming along nicely. I am in need of a cover for it but i’ll fix that soon enough. Pretty excited that this is all coming together… Can’t believe sometimes how far i’ve come but i’m here.

Maybe someday i’ll look back and say ”i was there” 🙂

In other news the sun is finally shining in Scotland! hurrah!


For now it’s back to my coffee and furiously typing seemingly endless words. ❤ 😀 ( Love it)

take care

Lauren Cullen


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