Poem #12 – Graded insanity


Ive missed it,
No wait that was just a dream,
A nightmare,
A failed epilogue to a potential future,
These student worries,
I must not give in,
Make that deadline,
And I win,
Then the final part begins,
Hurry little fingers,
Tap for your life,
For achievement is everything,
Failure is death,
Heavy burdening purpose,
This fatal fight,
Reasearch and conquer,
Type type type,
As the clock ticks down,
Whyd I take on that extra shift,
I’ll find a way now,
My poor mind,
Help ma boab,
Im mental,
Angry and mental,
Study study study,
No time for gentle ryhmes,
This poem is lost,
Angry and thus,
Study me now some how get it done,
Gotta pass,
This makes no sense,
Graded unit mentalness,
Drinks coffee,
Im out.

Lauren Cullen


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