Blog Post – Commited to achieving

So the life of a student is frought with stress, financial problems, commitment, and sticking to the goals they’ve laid out before them… but… it is in the final last few months of study before the summer arrives that all hell enters the minds of students. Hell being the ever looming resolution to their story and journey through the battered brutal landscape that has become education.  Where you fight to the death with your grades to gain a university place and it all hinges on what you did or achieved that year just passed that has flew by so quickly. 

For many its a simply case of dropping out as the pressure and mounting deadlines begin to merge into one simple solution.  For others it is a frantic manic knowledge hoovering buffet that no matter how you try to, you really can’t stop eating till its all done. But these people are prone to block, the blankness, the wall in your mind that you bang your head against and scream because you just can’t get passed it. You can claw it away or watch a marathon of fringe on netflix to chase the stress away and forget… untill fringe finishes and then you find yourself binge watching game of thrones twitching in anxiety at the fact you still have the wall to climb over or simply bulldose. Block is not just a writers thing.. it happens to everyone who has a goal or wants to create something. 

Sometimes in life you just have to say to yourself “hey.. its ok to take a break. Its fine if you wanna eat that whole tub of ben n jerrys and sleep for 12 hours but dammit get your homework out the way first. Then be busy not adulting. Think positive. ”

For me the block is horrible. I cant write anything and I feel wounded.  As if a part of me is missing with excruciating pain and depression yet it may drive me to my bed but it doesnt drive my determination it merely angers me and pushes me into being productive in other things like cleaning EVERYTHING, knitting, going on walks to take photos, reading the art of war, catching up on tv shows, reading that book series thats been staring at me the last few months,  stripping wallpaper off and painting everything, or cooking a very decent meal for friends. All helps towards achievement. 

My advice would be: remember to have fun.  Work and college can consume a person’s life making that person hate it or see things wrong with it that in reality actually aren’t there. So go on that night out.. at least for a few hours. Have a few beers and dance. Or goto the gym with some friends or message the person you love the most and ask them if they want to go on an adventure. There is a whole world out there after all.

In conclusion. .. love life and have fun.  Smile, laugh and be happy.

Have a good morning, evening or night wherever you are. 🙂

Lauren C


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