Poem #16 – Enter the Colosseum

As the crowd cheered,
As champions fought,
Sweat dripped from every pour,
As they poured out their pain,
As the lights danced in a frantic frenzy,
And the music roared the city to sleep,
Beckoning the eyes of the world,

Divas took their place,
As women and as true superstars,
Rick got flaired,
And a new belt was now theirs,
A pretty thing,

But then,

As the prince that would be king,
The prince that was promised,
Fell a many dizzying feet,
There unto his destiny,
Oxygen left the room,
The dead man walks again,

As the electricity intensifys,
The rock stood tall,
And the eaters men slane,

The banshee roared her proclamation,
All hail the king of kings,
You dirty sheep do follow,
Bow unto him,
The crowed stirred in motion,
Not unlike a swirling ocean,
To the the thrawl of his spectical,
Here enter the roman,
The fight to begin,
As the crowds cheer and the crowds binge,
On goosebumps crawling up their arms,
Third times a charm,
No matter who you are,

As the bell rung,
It didnt matter who won,
As seconds ticked by,
As the minuets caused more pain,
As time moved forward,
And their lungs faltered,
In the Colosseum of the immortals,
History…. was made.

Now gimmie a hell yea.

Lauren Cullen


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