Blog post – frustrated and vexed

Ive been feeling a bit deflated as my determination is waning.  Im so hoping that I get in to napier university…. and that the next year will be set out. I want so much and desire to do so much with all my ideas but its just all frustrating. 

Im having trouble motivating myself. Id say id go travel if I dont go to uni but I really dont have the money. I wish I did… I want adventure so badly right now and I want to share it. So much want. I need to see things differently. . I need to try stay positive or else things will just become impossible.   I need to live and not just exist. I hope that things will turn out right.. I have to try trust that. I want to.

I just feel a bit stuck.

Anyways.. gotta go try be productive.
Any positive motivational comments you wish to leave in the comment section please do. Every little helps out.

Lauren C


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