Blog – Good News

Yesterday I was feeling pretty crap however when I got to class my lecturer announced he would be giving feedback on our stage 2 drafts. I honestly thought mine may be a pile of crap but turns out its quite the opposite. My score is currently sitting at 34/50  which translates into an instant pass and im well on the way to receiving an A overall or at least a very secure B.

This is rather epic news as im still bummed about not getting in to university like I want but there may still be hope as I havnt heard from Napier yet. Maybe a miracle may just happen or if not I’ll work hard and save some cash to go travelling.  🙂
Anything to be happy and feel forfilled.

Hopefully as my friend says we find our groove again. So stay tuned for some more updates and poetry.

Thanx for reading.

Lauren 🙂


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