Poem #23 – Don’t sit down.

If I could be so rude,
To say no then I would,
But they sit,
They ask and expect,
So that I cannot possibly reject,
Them who would sit next to me,
In the occupied seat where my bag lives,
Oh wenches,
And men,
Don’t you see my bag there?
It’s a sign without compare,
Go sit elsewhere,

I don’t appreciate being hemmed in,
But its a busy train the woman said,
Who gives a shit,
Just don’t sit next to me,
I want to breathe,
And not have to suffer your sneezing,
Coughing next to me,
My personal space is two seats wide,
You’re currently in it with your big fat hide,
Save me jebus,
For I am not rude,
I just wanna sit myself,
Without prejudice,
And that’s the truth.


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