Poem #27 – Broke


Broke by work again,
Broke cause I stayed from dawn till dusk,
Broke cause its all a joke,
I won’t stay for long,

Cause money is fleeting,
Just to live,
Just to be at ease,
From the stress and endless worries,

From pain,
Live, give and gain,
From rules and laws,
Labels and tables of charts unending,
Mark this,
And resubmit that,

Cause it’s all forced,
Cause your behind today,
And further back tomorrow,
The writings on the wall,

Broke because life’s a bitch,
Broken and breaking,
Cracking and faking,
Take take taking,
Making all the world tick by,
Currency and time,
An imaginary friend or foe,

Oh, here we go,
No one knows,



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