Poem #28 -Strange Reflections

Yesterday was strange,
Enlightened by history repeating,
How i used to be,
How i kept defeating,
The verbal kicking’s,
And the endless beatings,
By those all so ignorantly unkind,

An evaluation,
A reflection of what was,
Of where i had been,
How far i have come,

From darkness i rose,
Burnt from ashes i grew feathers,
Wings of colour and light,
My heart a shield from which to defend,
And my pen a sword to offensively fight,
Combating the hate,
The mistrust,
The unjust,
Now i stand on the edge of life,
Wings spread,
An angel for love,

Life is too short to decay away,
to hide how one feels,
to shy away,
or give up,

So now, I declare my love,
And urge you all,
Be kind,
Get out and do it all,
Reach for your dreams,
Be the human that beams,
brighter than them all,

Yesterday was strange,
But i am loved after all.


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