#41- Words to be seen.

They'll never see these words, And the words will never gaze back, Crossing wires, Wifi, And paths, These words i write, These words I recite, Downloaded from the hidden spaces in my mind, For all to connect with, But a few shall seldom see, In a world drowning in itself, Lavishly so, How I am... Continue Reading →


#40 – These beats

These beats, These feets of creative meoldy, Base to base, Sound covering your face, Emotions in a volumised ocean, Physically convusling and swaying in motion, Ears deafened by its glorious purpose, Brain dwelling in a feverous endorphic explosion, A bliss, Lyrics like kisses and blows, Whose knows, Music is another gateway to the human soul. ... Continue Reading →

#39 – Lord Mercedes

Vrrroooooom!, the engine roared, As we flew across the concrete sky, My stomach a flurry, As gravity took hold, Bold and shiny, Looking up the sky fast forwarding by me, For there was no roof, No blocking the wooshing air, My hair a blonde blizzard, Blowing around proudly in the air stream, Scream, Scream if... Continue Reading →

#37 – Comforting Passages

Even when its all done sailed, You've been fired, Impaled on impending reality, It sinks in slowly, A panic in quicksand, Cause you took the wrong step, Now utterly regret, But never forget it was a journey worth having, You cry a torrent, Downloading tears, Uploading new thoughts of miserable acceptance, Clutching hard to the... Continue Reading →

Poem # 36 – Knit Together

Knit, And click, Purl, And twirl, Knit together, Knit apart, The back, And the front, Knit with speed, And purl with devotion, Knit and click, Sliiiiide it across, Knit with attention, Purl with affection, Bind it off slowly, And neat-ly, Let it ly before you, Admire it, Feel it, All the work you put in,... Continue Reading →

Poem #34 – True Feels

It's a niggly pinching feeling, I think of them, Of him, How I yern to sit next to them, But it is all just feeling, Hard to say, Hard to not say on a repetitive loop, But, I miss them, All the time.

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