Poem #32 – Waiting to Pay

Bills to pay,
Cue’s in which to wait,
Even on a telephone line,
Please be patient,
The disembodied voice announced,
Half hour later my phone credits run out,

Back and forth they throw me,
All just to pay my bill,
They drain more from me,
Exchanging number 1 hits,
For my ever growing rage,
Answer the dam phone i say!,

Sweet Adele singing lullaby’s to me,
Through miles of signals and cables,
Her sweet voice cannot soothe,
The truth,
Of which I’m almost done,
Waiting to pay this wretched bill,

I wish they would stop,
Fear of nothing,
Just pay your gawd dam bill,
Your blood, sweat and tears,
Give it to us all,

Well i would,
If you’d just answer the phone.


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