#37 – Comforting Passages

Even when its all done sailed,
You’ve been fired,
Impaled on impending reality,
It sinks in slowly,
A panic in quicksand,
Cause you took the wrong step,
Now utterly regret,
But never forget it was a journey worth having,
You cry a torrent,
Downloading tears,
Uploading new thoughts of miserable acceptance,
Clutching hard to the best bits,
Holding onto the personal space,
Hyper aware of how empty the house is,
Sitting here in a fabric throne,
A bed of fleece and acrylic cotton sheets,
Stained by salty stars,
And fears now fading,
Trading them for love messages,
Comforting passages,
Of how we both feel,
Shit and been through the wheel,
Dizzy and disorientated,
But we hold each other firm,
And thusly conform,
Through fires thick and thin,
Love grows within,
Tomorrow is a new day,
Now sleep well,
Love you and let it begin.


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