#39 – Lord Mercedes

the engine roared,
As we flew across the concrete sky,
My stomach a flurry,
As gravity took hold,
Bold and shiny,
Looking up the sky fast forwarding by me,
For there was no roof,
No blocking the wooshing air,
My hair a blonde blizzard,
Blowing around proudly in the air stream,
Scream if you want to go faster,
The sound system blaster,
The soundtrack to our low riding journey,
Push it just a bit faster,
The brakes gentle,
Then the lord parked it with care,
His mechanical baby,
Pride beemed from his face,
As he got out and looked at the car in its place,
Happy without compare,
A deserved steed,
For the lord of my mothers heart,
With a need for speed,
My step-father,

Lord of his castle,
And his Mercedes. 


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