#42 – Scroll Addiction

All in phones,
Lost in zones,
Attatched and addicted quietly,
Rightly knowning,
They should throw them away,
Allass in rows they stand silently,

To only scroll some more,
‘Why am I looking at this?’,
Its because you’re addicted to pretty lights,
Petty facebook fights,
And pointless news stories a plenty,

But we need these things,
Its become our way,
I’d rather have a book,
But society says; one must stay connected,
Infected by constant struggle and addiction,

This affliction will only grow more so,
Poor souls,
Sucked away into nothing,
By a glass screen?,
Have you seen yourself lately?

Maybe, put the phone down and look at the world,
It doesn’t have a ringtone,
But lately it’s a beautiful place to be.


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