44 – Bitter Sweet Victory

Good news,
It was just another stab,
Achieveing shouldn’t feel like this,
Hurtling down deeper into the dark,
Where demons claw,
Where your mind sees all the bad,
But it isnt bad,
Just hollow,
A hollow victory,
Bitter sweet like revenge,
Revenge that’s realises its an asshole all along,
Faded to liquid crystals rolling down the cheeks of a cliff,
Falling and consoling yourself,
That you did the right thing,
Life’s not saying it hates you,
Just that it wants to wound you a bit more,
Another scar to condition and to wear as if it were armour,
But that glamour is for everyone else,
Deep down you feel sad,
And wondering where to go now,

You got your medal,
Proud shining badge of “I did this”,
But it lead no where,
Only to depression,
Yet do not let your demons destroy you just now,
Tomorrow is a new day,
Stay alive to find out,
Why we must cry our eyes out,
To get to see a cleaner clearer picture,

And the picture is still developing. 


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