Update- almost the end!

I know its been a while since I last update however its been a trying time of late.

So I got my result back for my graded unit. I got top marks… an “A”. Which is my first A grade in my life 🙂

However im having a slight crisis in my mind because I never got accepted to any universities due to many reasons that have been put to me. Yea im angry but more sad now that I have the A because it means if I had a conditional offer then I would’ve got to flow through with my plan. At the moment I am a bit lost however its not the end I know, I will reapply at the end of the year. In the mean time I shall continue to write poems for all of your wonderful selves as its been really good having the putlet to do so but also knowing that you all support me by liking and following me regularly.
Thank you to all!
Keep it up and if you see a poem of mine that a friend or loved one may relate to then share it because its my mission to provoke emotions,  to spread love, to share wisdom and tackle the difficult subjects normal life doesnt openly address.

The next year will be tough I just hope it turns out to be pretty dam amazing and prepares me for University.  I also pray that someone out there will give me a chance to do more and to soar high like I want so much to do. Never wanted anything more.

Be well friends, followers and fellow writers.

Much love,


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