#45 – A Man’s Time and Space

Peace was all he wanted,
For the toil and the strain had taxed him,
Stress had rendered him a darker shade of blue,
Social pressures put apon him unrealistic,
He just wanted to stick to the couch,
All alone,
And not move.

They weighed in from every direction,
Come give me attention,
Even when he mentioned,
That he wasn’t in the mood,
Food for thought it was,
When he lashed out at them,
Again and again,
Yet they didnt listen,

How can a broken man be fixed in a day,
He thought aloud,
I just want time and space,
To think about my own feelings,
The good that lights my heart,
And the darkness that blankets the light with fear,
To be quiet and still,
Lost in my own world,
Just being pressured is enough to make me reel,
Reel backwards into myself,

He wanted to be alone,
At home,
With nobody but himself,
Im sorry, but it can’t be helped.


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