#55 – Brexit: Chaotic Divorce

I dared not touch this,
But like an unwanted kiss,
I must address it,

A folly for over confident fools,
The hieght of ignorance,
Lies and political spin,
Three hundred and fifty million was the winning number,
What a blunder,

Blind mice and sheep
Pointing fingers at more exotic creatures than their own,
Get out get out!!,
They shout with vemomus spit,
If you’re not white then you’re not allowed In,
This fine English country,
ha-ha leave win!!

Yet this United kingdom,
Britania who ruled the world,
Is crumbling and splitting at its borders,
Only England and Wales voted out,

Out! ,
Out ! OUT ! OUT!!!,

Here Scotland roar,
Naw ya bunch eh bams,
Our Niccy has a back up plan,
All are welcome to live,
To stay,
You are appreciated in everyway,
And we will wurk wae london too,
Because they seen sense to want to stay in the EU,

North of ireland may rejoin its former self,
A quick vote will help,
But Wales will always be England’s coat tales,
Or back yard toilet,
But the dragons will know doom soon,

This divorce will take place,
We’ll just have to face,
And watch the borders rise,
New passports circulate,
The actual historical end of the uk,

These are dark days,
But in many ways for all of us,
In the west to the east,
I sincerely pleed,
We find our humanity in peace. 


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