#63 – Earth Song

Thunder, Lightning, Something certain exciting, A crashendo, A symphony, An earthly opera, Bursting from the stage of the sky, Can you hear her singing, The beauty beneath our feet, Love her for she gave you life, Provides all that you need, Even when you dig at her she gives, She lives on, And she takes... Continue Reading →


#62- Always and Beyond

A hundred miles feels like lightyears, The space between is an abyss I wish to conquer, The time is fleeting by so fast And yet, So slowly I feel like a timelord lost in the hands of a pocket watch, The silence is deafening and your voice mute, Except from the moments flashing in my... Continue Reading →

#61 – But I Deserve

But i deserve to be, More than am I now, But I deserve respect, More than I have had, But I deserve to succeed, More than my mind thinks im capable of, But I deserve love, More connected than in the distance, But I deserve happiness, More than i have ever had, But I deserve... Continue Reading →

#60- Fleeting 

Fleeting, Time streaming by from dawn till dusk, Must, I ask you, Go home so soon? For I only, Wish for another, Hour or two, To be within our peace, for me the days are weeks, And the weeks are months, And the months are years, Gone to time, Fleeting by so silently, Apart from... Continue Reading →

#59- Civil Heart

Sad, When they leave my sight, Never regret, Hold on, But dont fight, Let it all be civil within your heart, Know that they wil never part, From, You, You is the person they love, A thing they covet justly, Must they, Be so far away all the time, Away in other places, In other... Continue Reading →

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#58 – Blair and the East

I remember, Fire blooming on the tv, Beasts growling in the night, Buildings crumbling, Dark words reporting, And Blair announcing the near future, I remember the death, The protests, All the speculations and questionable interest, Reasons or the infathomable consequence, A heavy weight, In a wall of death and terror, The choice was made, There... Continue Reading →


Having empathy is key. Especially when it comes to making hard decisions. For the people they're made for and the people who make them. 

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