#58 – Blair and the East

I remember,
Fire blooming on the tv,
Beasts growling in the night,
Buildings crumbling,
Dark words reporting,
And Blair announcing the near future,

I remember the death,
The protests,
All the speculations and questionable interest,
Reasons or the infathomable consequence,

A heavy weight,
In a wall of death and terror,
The choice was made,
There forever the burden was his to carry,
A burden? Or a criminal act?,
A job? Or a leader?,

It didn’t touch our shores,
Yet it knocked on the doors of soldiers,
Of their families,
Beckoning a revolt of trust,

But we must remember,
Looking to the east,
All that was lost,
In favour of eventual possible speculative peace,

Whatever comes,
let us be one,
Let us see no devide,
Let us find a way,

At the end of the day,
There is no place for that man to hide away,
From us,
His guilt,
Or death to say “its time.”


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