#60- Fleeting 

Time streaming by from dawn till dusk,
I ask you,
Go home so soon?
For I only,
Wish for another,
Hour or two,
To be within our peace,
for me the days are weeks,
And the weeks are months,
And the months are years,
Gone to time,
Fleeting by so silently,
Apart from me you are alone,
My home,
So far away from me,
From us,
I must,
Make a point to plee,
Stay with me,
For I do not say goodbye easily,
As your heart touches mine,
When your bold arms wrap around me,
When will i see you,
I hope its not too long,
But your kisses are electric,
I want to stay in them,
Even long after you have gone,
Fleeting is the moments we love the most,
Even when your staring at the window,
Imagining the ghosts in your mind happy and full of smiles,
All the while,
The moment is fleeting past,
Belonging to history at last,
A few hours with you felt like a few minutes,

I admit it,
I am lost in the clouds,
Lost searching,
Yerning for home,
For you,


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