#62- Always and Beyond

A hundred miles feels like lightyears,
The space between is an abyss I wish to conquer,
The time is fleeting by so fast
And yet,
So slowly I feel like a timelord lost in the hands of a pocket watch,
The silence is deafening and your voice mute,
Except from the moments flashing in my mind,
Ringing me to shaking on the inside like an addict missing a fix,

Yet this,
This is no true addiction,
No fiction,
No fantasy,
Nor twitsed reality,

Just me,
Missing you,
All day long,
All night,
All morning,
All week long,
Even the occasional months that have gone by without you,

Without you things feel wrong,
I don’t feel at home,

But when you return,
I will tell you,
And fondly digress,
About how I have loved you all along,

Always and beyond.


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