#70 – Anger

A rush of blood, A well of hate, I bathe in the flood of tears, Cover my ears and hope it fades, But, Days after days, The anger comes my way, Wanting for it to be gone, But its not fun, When your hurt and irrational, I wanted this thing, This life so badly, That... Continue Reading →


#69 – The Lost and Found

Tried to shout, Try to be loud, But am I just another lost and found, Relegated to the back of a dusty office, Before someone takes a fancy, And dances away with my romances, Or lady purse filled with thing that are long forgotten in my mind, Like tinder, Burning with desire and hopeful zeel,... Continue Reading →

#68 – Little Fly

You're a buzzy fly, Whizzing around like a little spy, Lost in enemy territory, Side to side, You sit and watch, Tasting sweet leftovers, Investigating everything you see, Getting closer to sneek a lim on my leg or shoulder, But I swat you away with definity, Because you little fly, Are just but a pin... Continue Reading →

Short Story – Dreams and Shadows (Part 1)

She sat in her regular coffee shop, Popped in for her usual Americano with pouring cream. It was a grayish summer day with spittings of rain here nor there. She went there when she woke up too early or there to just be in a different space. She liked being in her own bubble surrounded by people going about their business, she watched them scutter and scurry in hurries over mono blocked and square stone tiled paths...

#67 – Grieving Noel

Grieving, Grieving is hard to explain, To express what pain your are feeling, Peeling away layers of memories, Layers of moments, Layers of time, Layers of spaces shared, All that was cared for and more. Grieving, How do you explain, To a friend who has pushed you away, But loves you still, The chill as... Continue Reading →

#65 – Sweet Child

Hold tight child, Your sweet tears, Hold the love in your heart and never forget it's wonderful warmth, Oh sweet child, You've tried so hard, You've held your head up with grace, But hid away in the dark, Sweet child why do you cry?, Why do you sigh and weep so quietly, All alone, Sweet... Continue Reading →

#64 – Flinched

I flinched, I flinched from him, As he went to kiss my cheek, Through a barrier of fallen hair, I flinched from him, As he tried to hold me closer, Oh for I could feel his love, His embrace wanting to be warm, Warm against my cold wall I built around me, I dare not... Continue Reading →

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