#65 – Sweet Child

Hold tight child,
Your sweet tears,
Hold the love in your heart and never forget it’s wonderful warmth,
Oh sweet child,
You’ve tried so hard,
You’ve held your head up with grace,
But hid away in the dark,
Sweet child why do you cry?,
Why do you sigh and weep so quietly,
All alone,
Sweet child you don’t deserve this,
To hate yourself so much,
Unclutch that rag from your fingers,
Come here and hold on tight,
I can’t stay forever but I can stay tonight,
All you want is love,
Selfless love,
Someone to embrace you,
To understand,
To take your hand from time to time,
Sweet child can you feel my sorrow for you?,
All alone in there hiding,
Locked away in that tower of a mind,
Sweet child this is not your life,
This isnt your fate,
You are not the one you should hate,
You shouldn’t hate at all,
But sweet child I understand it all,
I know of the thralls of the heart,
Unconditional love that has gone a muck,
A mess,
A shame,
A shambles and how it could drive someone insane with the slightest thought of betrayal,
Simple choice of a different path,
Love has free will,
And we have no control,
Sweet child, don’t cry,
Hold me,
Hold me closer than ever before,
Let your heartbreak no more,

Love what you have and not what you have lost,
Love what you have become even if you cannot see the clearest picture,

Sweet child,
Look at me and see yourself,
See the woman you become,
Know that together we are one,
A beautiful sweet girl,
And an dutiful mum,
A child,
And her womanly self,

Sweet child, we don’t have to go through this hell alone.


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