#69 – The Lost and Found

Tried to shout,
Try to be loud,
But am I just another lost and found,
Relegated to the back of a dusty office,
Before someone takes a fancy,
And dances away with my romances,
Or lady purse filled with thing that are long forgotten in my mind,
Like tinder,
Burning with desire and hopeful zeel,
But five minuets later,
You hit delete or uninstall,
Cause the feels are real,
Flirting with thin air,
Oh! The humanity!,

Fuck it,
Just for profanity,

But like my purse,
With all its things,
Its false claimant does with it as they do with all things,
Throw it in the corner,
Forget it’s there,
Forget it’s beauty,
Without compare,
Depreciate and consumate its demise,
In a pile of other junk,
That’s lower in your eyes,

But your blind vision,
Cant see the dimension,
Put me back please,

Im better in the lost and found than with thee.


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