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#74 – Close the Damn Door

Think of all the things you've made, from day break to day end, Think of all the achievement there's been, Have you seen yourself, For who you've truly been, Why i ask, Do you weigh on yourself, So harsh, Critical of those small mistakes, Like blotches on your A grade paper, Or that painting you... Continue Reading →

#72 – Hair Cut Smile

Wet, The scissors chop away the dead, The split, The ends, Snip snip, Brush, Comb and clip, With each I feel a little more, Relaxed, Cleanse, Reshape and make it new, Anything to feel better, The chair holds me, My head tilting in all directions, I look straight at my reflection, Watching a smile, Grow... Continue Reading →

In development

So, its been a tragic few months for me and if you are a avid reader of my work you will have noticed this.  I dont mean to be a downer however this is my way of dealing with my emotions through all the dark themes.  I am resolved to continuing such cartharsis. Which i... Continue Reading →

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