In development

So, its been a tragic few months for me and if you are a avid reader of my work you will have noticed this.  I dont mean to be a downer however this is my way of dealing with my emotions through all the dark themes.  I am resolved to continuing such cartharsis. Which i hope you find appealing, I do greatly appreciate that you my followers and fellow writers take the time to read what I post. I am truly great full and I cannot express in words how much this means to me. So THANK YOU!! 

So, I have a few things in development. Firstly a short story exclusive to my word press site. I felt expansion was thee only right move going on into the future of my online work. Secondly I am currently working on a small novella to either be published via a small publishing house or to be self published by my own design.  I will be posting small snippets of the book exclusive to this site, so keep an eye out for that too!! 

Its about a girl who loses everything and finds solice within the earth,  after punching her in the face of course. It deals with themes of deep emotions and dark times in her life.  She is lost and emotionally powerful. So is the earth. 

I havent wrote much poetry at the moment as I am processing a lot right now but there is some coming your way very soon. 🙂 

Lastly, if you have twitter be sure to check me out and follow me there! My handle is @kitttallica. 

Have a good day, 

Much respect,




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