#71 – Taxi Driver

I was feeling lazy,
Brazen because my bank was refilled,
So I picked up a coffee,
Very jolly,
I strolled down the hill,
To the taxi rank,

I popped myself into the car,
To be greeted by the charm,
Of a taxi driver long past,
Gone far,
Believing in greater things,

Dips and swings,
His story broadly,
Started of with normal things,
Of school and college,
Of work,
Of nursing,
Of packing it in,
Cause he saw the light,
Or the light saw him,

He floated,
Toating his mystical wears,
I wasn’t really prepared,
But I kept curious,
Interested in their,
Spiritual story,
Of being leeched from,
By spirits long gone,
Floating outside his body,

He wrote his story,
In poem,
And short,
He showed me,
I read it allowed then retort,
Change this word here,
Make it flow,
keep your carthsis so,

I dont think your mad,
Even so,
Taxi driver here’s your fare,
I’ve got to go.


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