#74 – Close the Damn Door

Think of all the things you’ve made,
from day break to day end,
Think of all the achievement there’s been,
Have you seen yourself,
For who you’ve truly been,
Why i ask,
Do you weigh on yourself,
So harsh,
Critical of those small mistakes,
Like blotches on your A grade paper,
Or that painting you said you’d fix later,
Why have you come to see,
in such a pity,
A gritty tide lashing coarsely against your skin,
you bathe to wash it away,
But it stains like salt in an open wound,
Why let yourself be that way,
Negatively hounding yourself everyday,
When you could be making,
All of this go away,
Do you understand this is no way to live,
To live is to laugh,
To love,
To enjoy all that you can,
Instead you sit there on your hands,
Believing there’s nothing you can do,
To change,
To rearrange the life that has gone so south,
A cold exchange of waiting for the next day,
For pay,
For some miracle to come your way,
Just STOP!,
Think only a little,
Stop being so brittle,
And fall into love with yourself,
Maybe not just yet today,
But tomorrow,
This world is a harsh land,
With beautiful coastal edges,
Come sit on the edge of the world,
Admire all that you see,
Feel yourself feel,
Be as you want to be,
Don’t come weeping into arms of those who won’t have thee,
For they don’t love just as you do,
They have minds and lives they live without you,
You can do the same,
There’s no shame in being alone,
No shame in picking up a phone,
No guilt to shackle to you to one place,
IF the signs are on the wall,
Your guts telling you to read,
Intake it all,
Then do so,
Bend and stretch,
Ease the tension in your neck,
In your veins,
In the cracks,
In your muscles,
In your mind,
Love and accept all that has come,
And gone,
Because it’s done,
A haunting symphony it will be,
No more,
It’s OK to close that door,
Let go,
Let yourself know,
That all hope isn’t dead,
That you are sane and sad,
That all this WILL pass,
And that you can be truly positive once more,

Stop being helpless,
Just close the damn door.


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