#75 – Rap Poet Writer.

Sittin watching all the shades of green turning grey,
I wonder why I couldn’t make it through yesterday,
But yesterday’s gone,
I am reaching for my phone,
I have got a puzzle I cant solve,

Dissolve into another victory,
This mystery of life is alluding me,
Choosing me,
To be something brighter,
I guess thinking too much isn’t the righter,
Way forward when your looking two steps back,
Wondering why it happened,
That’s a fact,
You’re a mistaker,
Heart breaker,
Fact chaser,
Guessing all that possibilities too,
But its not you,

Just Stop,
Wait a minute-,
I guess i have got it wrong,
I admit it,
But love is wrong,
And so strong,
That it gets to your head and you’re long gone,

Insanity of profanity clutching at the reaches of where you don’t belong,
Bring it on,
I am all that is human and wrong,
This song ain’t a song,
Its a rap,
But I ain’t no rapper,
Just a poet,
Flowing it out the only ways I know it,
To be brighter,
To be a writer,
Learning is love,
Struggling to be a better person because,
We are flawed,
Yet together we can move on,
Fly up high and take on,
The world,
The things as we know it,
Take a deep look in the mirror and own it,
I did that,
Yes it was me,
I may hate myself but i have come to see,
That they made me great,

Ive chastised myself to be humble,
I won’t mumble,
Love is the education of us all,
He taught me the most,
And for that I host,
A place in my heart for him most over all,

Want something brighter,
And show them all.

Love and look forward,
Look foward,
Forward walking tall.


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