#79 – Author Mystery

How do I put it on the page,
Let my story go,
There out in the world,
To be at the mercy of glancing eyes,
How do I pry my work from myself,
To throw it out into the world like a graduate throws their cap up in the air,
As if by chance someone would mistakenly catch it and take it home to live it’s life without you,
How do you unburden such a story,
That has equally carried you from darkness as it has made you walk into it, to stare at its face,
To look upon yourself in a such a way it shows you truth,
How you see yourself,
How you see the world,

How do you print sunrises,
Or sunsets,
Standing on beaches with the one you love,
Drinking anything,
The smiles on faces,
Awkward things and awkward chances,
Trees blowing in the wind,

How do give the story the right ending?

Trust me.


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