Blog. Earth date 1/11/2016 -Two Months till 2017. 

So I don’t know much about you or your circumstances but I think we could all agree that this year has been rather terrible. 

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll live to see the destruction of this world due to our own ignorance or being blindly led by leaders who just pander to the people with witty banter and blatant social indifference. Blasting those whom have been shamed, bullied or discriminated against. But really, who am I to be the ultimate knowledge on these things; I mean I love sitting making potential conspiracy stories or analysing what they are doing in public to what they may or may not be doing behind closed doors and reinforced   concrete with heavy security at all times. I feel sympathy perhaps because they are doing a difficult job with some minor invisible power that they have. yet I also feel sick and ashamed of the time we’re in. I’m not the only one. 

Between britian and the USA things have got worringly comical. The Eu keep giving Tereasa May (prime minister) the run around because simply the Tories havnt got an exit plant for Brexit. On top of that there’s oor First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon waving another  independance bill simply to scare them into recgonising Scotlands choice to stay in the Eu; obviously Westminster is having none of it choosing to scoff at us once more and this..THIS is a big sign we will see the end of the United Kingdoms within our lifetime. Which is sad and albeit necessary for Scotland to thrive. Maybe we’ll stick with ireland and leave England/wales to their own thing. 

As fot the Us, if there was ever a living totum of doom its Name would be Donald Trump *shudders* this profane excuse for a human being is just beyond all reason to trust or want to have lead or want to be in charge or a small country never mind the whole of the United States. Hilary Clinton, that sluthy she devil everyone keeps trashing infact unlike the trump actually provides money to charities, has government experience and is at the hieght of female power. Her husband is a total perv but one has to respect their steadfastness to stick together, perhaps not as a full relationship but to keep up the appearence – much like that show the good wife. Takes some strength to do that. Or maybe now its the good husband, Bill in the background just for the photo ops. Yea, i have skipped past all the money for speeches scandels, clinton foundation being their own nest egg, that they’re classed as war mongers and hiliarys emails are everyones buisness because she deleted a few… or a thousand. She was almost fully clear too till Anthony Weiner disgraced ex-congress man came into the equation only about a day or to ago when the FBI found evidence linking to Mrs.Clinton. They didnt say what but im sure we’ll find out soon.  Despite all this, despite her faults and scandals if I was American I would vote for her. 

I mean, do you really want some questionable millionare who’s been bankrupt several times with failed hotels, construstion projects disguarded like a creative minecraft world after the newness of it has faded away, bullies anyone who’s not him and has ripped people from their homes. This mans mother was supposidly Scottish and I am ashamed of this man, that we have any nationality hertiage in common because simply put he’s ruined several coastlines in Scotland. Don’t believe me? Check out the documentary “You’ve been trumped!” Its available on youtube the creator of this documentary has made an update now following the new property just outside Aberdeen. It shall be released within this month. 

Trump bullied people from their lands, dug around their houses to push them out, cut off their water supplies and electricity. Hes petitioned the local council to inact compulsary purchase orders to remove residents from their homes of which they have lived in for decades. He’s called them names to the press and lied to officials about the number of employees each golf course site would have. No wonder earlier this year he was greeted by a woman holding the sign “Trump is a cunt” and another discontent farmer raised the mexican flag while one genuis person also hired a mexican mariachy band to follow trump around anywhere he went in Scotland. 

I think this really shows we have little tollerence for him but in our own brilliant Scottish way can take the utter piss out of him that the whole world perhaps on a minorly informed level can understand. We have great banter and don’t take no shite, yet we somehow are stuck with this walking orange troll doll of doom just like the Americans are… well at least for now. 

*prays* dont let it be trump who wins!! 

Now you’ll notice ive left out most of Europe and Russia, this is just due to my lack of knowledge In this matter although ive observed that Putin – the Russian leader is making some serious moves, like moving nuclear missiles into the crimea and supporting people like assad and bombing syria..  you know, the little things. Honestly, that’s a massive well of fear I don’t want to touch right this minute, it’s complicated. 

Fear, fear and disallusion and sheer stress that balances you on the edge of a extrodinary cliff wondering if you’re going to walk back or commit suicide because of all the uncertainty. This is this year, small glimmers of hope over shadowed by death, destruction and deception. Its easy to see the isolation we all have become stuck in even with the internet and smart phones, things are that bad we want to be back in the past when it was good and better. If you’ve seen the newest season of south park, the “member berries” are a perfect example of that. Addicted to what was, trying to hide from the now and being intoxicated buy it constantly just to cope or get through the day. 

With merely two months left of this year, I have to ask what else can be done to change it or make it not so bad or are we all really just ticking down the days untill 2016 dies amd we quickly welcome in brand new baby 2017 with reliefe and fevered caution. 

I hope that we all make it through, that we remain intact, that we together as nations and as individuals can bring about some goodness in the world and keep the faith in ourselves that has been so readily lost or missing this year. I admit my trust for every other person is low, or just dead but I’m trying and I hope that you can too. 
Peace to you and yours.

Blessed Samhain. 


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  1. Really nice! I loved reading it. Thank you!
    BTW, we have migrated from wordpress to self-hosted. So, please check our new blog (I am contacting you because you are my old blog’s follower).


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