Five A.M cat.

Five A.M,
Little silly floof can’t you am sleeping?,
While you pity paw your claw into my cheek,
Pin pricking skin,
Defeating my will to sleep,
Or even just sleep in,
One or maybe two hours more,
I say,
As I toss you half caring to the floor,

You land on your feet with a mew,
But in a few-  you’ll be back,
To paw at me a new,
What was it you wanted anyways,
I’m awake now,
Yet you’ve scamperd away,

Worse than a child,
You are,
So I slip back into bed,
My head on the pillow,
Sleeping almost dead,

Not five bloody minuets later,
A weight of fur,
Purrs and your sneeky little butt,
Has found a way to make a scarf,
Around my neck,
Fluffy suffocator,
Bugger off,
I’ll pet you later,

I remove you once more to the floor,
You mew like a child wailing mum,
A prolonged drone of protest,
Till you find a way once more,
To pounce and wriggle,
And move like a stick insect,
Closer to my sleeping self once more,

Pay attention!,
I’m cute and floofy,

Stoopid little cat,
I catch a glimpse of those eyes,
And that look,
Yet that is that,

Im awake now,
Cause of you,
My stoopid little fluffy cat.


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