I walk with her

Opening my eyes, I could hear her calling, green, swaying branches, Dressed, I shut the door behind me, walking away from my street, up hill, along her muddy way, by her vast watery veins, Through history, past her flowers.....


Needy & The Friendzone

How i hate the term, NEEDY, it's describes in negative quantities, a particular undesirability, however it's tone, denotes all that of its professor, How does that, in fact reflect back on them?...


Unimportant, That's how i felt, Like an inanimate object, Pretty but non essential, I had potential, but couldn't believe in me, When the world around me, threw emotional bombs, i was there...

One year on..

It's been one year, since i typed on here, one year has come and gone, come in the form of promise, of heart ache that shakes foundations, and a reformation of myself...

D.I.V.O.R.C.E; A Referendum.

Calm, Awaiting portable eyes, transmit her to the world, to the nation, Her vocation, demands, her consideration of the peoples, fair, hardy, hindered by bourgeoisie, blue ties like nooses around our necks, Dragged and abused, ignored, taunted into invisibility, but they have cawed their last insult, Flashes capture, her business face, meaningful and graced, it... Continue Reading →

Of Wolves and X-Men.

An old man, runs, the never ending, fighting to stay alive, with sharp claws, and weathered crows feet, eyes that show time, with a face as young as stretched leather, He drives, drunks and hens, to survive, the psychics final days, In ways, they find him, remind him of life gone by, pop, slash, claw,... Continue Reading →

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