Haunting, isn’t it?

Savagely beaten,
inside out,
outside in,
a wrecking,
soul divider,
providing conflict,
comfort it,
it’s grazing on the wait,
the burgeoning tense tension,
the extension of it’s reach,
to beach you where you sit,
beware of it,
and them,

take your temperature,
lay down,
hold on,
hope is a well within,
never see it empty,
never let it dry,

never never say sorry,
but not all the time,
only when you mean,
you mean it at the time,

time is a cold place to be,
one second born,
next second dead,

isn’t it?,

If you need to talk to yourself from time to time,
then do it,
don’t let them hear,
all the plans you’ve got this year,

no guilt,
no short straw,

others expectations stop us all.


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