D.I.V.O.R.C.E; A Referendum.

Awaiting portable eyes,
transmit her to the world,
to the nation,

Her vocation,
her consideration of the peoples,
hindered by bourgeoisie,
blue ties like nooses around our necks,

Dragged and abused,
taunted into invisibility,
but they have cawed their last insult,

Flashes capture,
her business face,
meaningful and graced,
it is time to put Scotland her in place,
not as a broken marriage,
but as a choice to pursue,
individuality among wider nations,

We did not choose,
to lose out on the vote to exit,
but no,
we have been neglected,
we have tried to reason,
compromise bending backwards,
only to a point,
There’s no compromising a brick wall,

As her brogue kissed microphones,
of dead silent eyes,
the future coming to life,
making history,
They know this is no lie,

Out it comes,
announcing an intentional move,
to independence,
to a referendum,
and a right to choose another path,
one we go walking freely,

A force of nature,
this woman,

In a year or two,
we’ll get to choose,
win or lose,
we have to try,

We are sick of all of the lies.


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