One year on..

It’s been one year,
since i typed on here,
one year has come and gone,
come in the form of promise,
of heart ache that shakes foundations,
and a reformation of myself,

I have written for you,
you and everyone,
for me,
to see if i could be of worth,

Sharing in sweet lyrical verse,
my heart, soul and my curse,

Curses that bound me forward,
to shatter glass,
smashing through walls,
from poems to prose,
i have done a bit of all,

Make me a feature in your life,
a beacon of light flashing on your mobile screen,
a reason to read,
to feel or be felt,
understood at a distance,
sweet persistence finds us common ground,

Liking even my darkest of stanzas,
deep deep rages,
difficult subjects,
just pages and pages and pages,

Pages that i have rediscovered,
I have become a lover,
of my own work,
what a quirk that is,

Physically noticing the year,
solidly in letters,
I believe now,
they can only get better,

This little poetic letter,
is to me,
to you,
to everyone,

It’s one year on,
Thank you.



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