Rocky FLASH show

He’s like lightning,
oh very exciting,
he’s the speed force,
number one,

And his villains,
are making killing,
trying to stop him,
in his bright red tracks,

But he’s got power,
and a shower,
of friends to help him,
or save his ass,

However the time warp..

Has made everyone different,
little changes here and there,

It’s just that zoom killed his dad,
and then he went mad,
jumped into the speed force,
to save the past,

Let’s doo flashpoint agaaain!!,
let’s doo flashpoint agaain!!,

But then he changed it back,
with the reverse flash,
then that was that,
he got his powers back,
but nothing was right,

Let’s do Flashpoint agaaain!,
Let’s do Flashpoint again!,

However it’s a dream now,
cause he’s fighting SAVITAAR,
‘God’ of speed,
a total metal armored man,

Well he’s met his match now,
only time will find out,
if he can beat him,
and send him – BACK to the speed force can,

Let’s do flashpooint again!
Let’s do Flashpoint aaagggaaain!!!


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