Stanley – A man Called Dominance

He parades around,
like a historic bear,
claiming everything that isn’t there,
holding his wife possession,
her sister too,
accountable for everything,
he’s the boss not you,

Turn of the century,
he the all mighty antagonist,
raiding wardrobes,
precious rags,
molesting a woman’s right,

He fights,
drinks, and puffs out his chest,
Stanley me manly,
you bow before me in my castle,
which is a two bed flat at best,

he cries,
to his wife,
pregnant with tolerance,
and his child,

All the while he gazes on her sister,
with contempt,
and conflict,

As soon as another man should notice her,
primal forces stir,
he stamps his feet,
pisses over everything,
and refuses to let Mitch claim her,

On and on,
escalating growth,
a whole host of abuse,
has left us to show,
that in the darkened night,
Stanley shows his true primary colours,
and TAKES his wife’s sister,
like a thief,
snatching a woman’s dignity,
her crown,

Shudders down my spine can be found,
for Stanley is a wretched brute,
who’s use is walking conflict,
patriarchal ape of a man,

is an enabler,
she wants security,
over a safer man,

In the end,
Blanche descends,
into the embrace of insanity,

Oh! humanity, So much for the Kindness of strangers…


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