I walk with her

Opening my eyes,
I could hear her calling,
swaying branches,

I shut the door behind me,
walking away from my street,
up hill,
along her muddy way,
by her vast watery veins,

Through history,
past her flowers,
the trees that sway,
while the wind moved their souls,

Over bridges,
with no trolls,
just silence,
and no selfish goals,

Over gravel,
under leafy shades,
I talk to myself,
or her,
i cannot say,

Her wide open spaces,
looking over all the tiny houses,
old friends from when i was a little girl,
to rest,
and wonder at my little world,

The big tree,
at the bottom of look out hill,
a inviting feature,
limbs stretched out,
almost touching the ground,
i remember trying to climb to it’s center,
long gone are those days,

I walked silent,
down those heinous steps,
to talk to the daffodils,
bunched together,
full of communal growth,

With sun and rain,
wind and cold,
new and old,
i remember a lot differently,

She still sings to me,
through the trees,
the grass,
the birds,
rotting leaves,

you bring me peace,
inside when i cannot think,
in a straight line,
i walk with you,
I walk to be free,

But – i must go home,
back down the hills,
back through the streets,
back through my door,
shut it,
to wear i must sleep once more.


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