A mask to hide behind

My face,
a mask to hide behind,
when I cannot fully let myself cry,
wishes must be respect,
as I am expected,
with whole heart,
to let this pass,

Days in the sun,
by the beach,
as I watch her smile and laugh,
jump into a pool of clear water,
to swim full of joy,

she’s so innocent,
I look back at myself,
wishing for her not to go through my past hell,
thrusting forward into adulthood,
harsh realities,
the eventual crashendo,

I do not want that for her,

as I become older,
I take my place among the responsible,

what a horrible feeling,

im just sitting at my desk,
uncomfortably numb,

as a mum,
I just smile at her as best I can,

we’ve both lost a great man.


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