She stood on the stage, her hair in a halo of braids, beeming from the back row, look at me in mine, crying tears of sweet joy, as the empty seat next to me was a symbolic void, a place for him...



chancer, objectified, as somewhere to put it, such charm indeed.


oh my faithful friend, you're like Hodor, holding onto the door of technology, lost in the past, but still in the present, struggling to stay alive, glitching out, as something more powerful, tries to install itself on you, my Dell Latitude, hold the door, there's still life in you yet.

Why am I Counting?

Why am I counting?, like it is going to make a difference, or feel any better, I could write a letter, but it'd go nowhere, posted into a drawer lost for eternity, but I am not a teenager, that's not how you deal with it anymore, you talk out loud, to yourself, to see if... Continue Reading →

In silence

In silence, we think about our selves, about the lives we lead, how we can help, others, or the mother's that bore us to this world...

Not to yourself

Don't look untill you're ready, not put yourself in that mind, do not do that, of which would be unkind, to yourself, do it when you feel you can, not before hand, or it may lead you into, a darker state of mind, its not for you to ponder on, to wonder if they are... Continue Reading →

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