Nothing to Hide

I have nothing to hide,
I skate,
I fight,
i ride,

Eloquently i talk i constinants,
About family,
War and the past,

I am a man,
A father of a nation,
Curtaling the sexual influence to children,
And promote reprocreation amongst the adults,

You look at me,
The enemy,
Of a long dead red hand,
To nations red white blue,
I have nothing to hide from my partners of the world,

Unfurl yourselves,
Drink some vodka
To politics,
Mass media mayhem,
And a mushroom cloud exsplosion,
If you should choose to attack at all,

Remember comerad,
I have nothing to hide,
I am watching you.


This was inspired by the Puntin Interviews by Oliver Stone and his interesting interview technique. However it was putins responses that caught my attention and to me he gives off this great macheivellian but calm stoic presence, that to me at least it striking considering the various politicians around the world are at times, much a kin to a small toddler in a huff.
Ill be clear, i have no over arching opinion on putin, nor is this poem high class political satire or the deapths of trechory but that of a poet finding inspiration from a very interesting and key journalistic documentary.

(I like writing weird but intense things)

If you havent watched it then i would reccomend it and decide for yourself what you really think.


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