Close your eyes

Seven years,
to look in a mirror,
to see what was,
what wasn’t,

it pushes us forward,
catapults us to regret,
to the next step,
to a patience undone,

comes to us easily,
without equal,
all those people,
dead and longing to be seen,

a river of stars,
falling into the sky,
from cheeks to sheets,

are the blood born,
are the blood earned,
are all that we need,

we bite,
we bark,
we fight with ourselves,
to be alright,

is the power we have,
over me,
over you,
a tool,
that bleeds,
from soul to soul,

come on now,
sit with me,
share a story or two,

it lasts,
its long,
it’s short,
it’s horrble,
its sweet,
its’ unfathomable,

hold on,
hold on,
hold on,

come away,
cracked in trauma,
in anxiety,
in depression,
can you see?,

lightning can strike twice,
and a fourth time,

please not,
please not,
nor me,

someday i will be in a casket,
just like you,

but for now,
and love,
laugh and cry,
enjoy while you can,
before you,
close your eyes.


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